Photography is more than freezing a moment in time.


Do you want to learn more about photography? Do you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera and want to learn how to get more out of these amazing cameras? Whether you are just getting into photography or want to bring your work to another level, I can help you tap into your vision of the world.

Group, club and individual instruction available. Contact me for more information.

Coming up

I am thrilled to announce that in person workshops will be scheduled soon! Infrared, astro-landscape and more. Schedule will be announced soon.  


Saturday, May 22nd

Essentials of Time-Lapse Photography

This Instructor Lead course will walk through the entire time-lapse capture process, starting from Camera settings, Lens considerations, White balance considerations, Exposure, and finally, Processing. In addition to the time-lapse photography basics, we will discuss frame-rates, flicker, use of ND filters, sliders and post-processing methods of adding additional motion to your time-lapse.

Saturday, May 8th 

Essentials of Infrared Photography and Post-Processing

So, you have an infrared converted camera or shoot with infrared filters. There is more to extract from that funky infrared RAW image than just black and white. Regardless of which wavelength(s) your images are photographed in, much more can be obtained from the raw image. Infrared can be a challenge to photograph and also to process. This workshop will provide you with the necessary knowledge to master shooting in infrared and turn your captures into beautiful surreal art.

Saturday, April 24th

Advanced Night Photography Topics

This Instructor Lead course will walk through the entire night capture process, starting with an overview of Camera settings, Lens considerations, Focusing, "Night photography etiquette", White balance considerations, Exposure, Challenges of night photography and finally best practices for processing. In addition we will discuss in more depth post processing,  tools and stacking, use of telephoto lenses for night landscape photography. Other topics include handling high ISO noise and various methods to process night images. 

Saturday, April 10th

Color, Contrast, Lighting, and Composition Workshop (or, what are you looking at?)  

Photography is more than pointing your camera at a scene and tripping the shutter. In this workshop, we will cover the following concepts:
We will explore the power of color and its effects on the viewer.
We will examine how contrast can be used to convey a mood.
We will discuss why and how the direction and temperature of light affects an image.
We will look at compositional tips to improve the overall image.

February 20th

Essentials of Photography

So you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Are you intimidated by those other modes the camera has? Explore what those other modes do and see how your creativity can expand by using them.

February 13th

Essentials of Night Photography

No need to put away your camera when the sun goes down. Your camera can see the hidden beauty of the night much better than your eyes can. Learn how to photograph the city lights and even your backyard. Discover how to set your camera to capture the magic of the night. 

November 28th

Color, Contrast, Lighting and Composition Workshop

October 17th

Advanced Night Photography Topics


October 3rd  

Essentials of Photography Workshop


August 15th

Essentials of Night Photography


April 25th

On-Line Interactive Workshop "Infrared Post-Processing"

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