Essentials of Infrared Photography and Post-Processing Workshop

So, you have an infrared converted camera or shoot with infrared filters. There is more to extract from that funky infrared RAW image than just black and white. Regardless of which wavelength(s) your images are photographed in, much more can be obtained from the raw image. Infrared can be a challenge to shoot and to process. This workshop will provide you with the necessary knowledge to master it and turn your captures into beautiful surreal art.

We will start by setting up your workflow and identify best practices to photograph in infrared and how handle infrared raw images in post processing. You will learn how to properly set the white balance in-camera as well as setting it properly during post-processing. You will learn how and why infrared photography is another creative tool in your photographic toolbox.

You will need Photoshop, and some knowledge of layers. Please bring your laptops with Photoshop installed.  Also, if available, bring a couple of your own infrared images in RAW. Not a Photoshop user? Not a problem. Contact me for alternate software you can use to process infrared.

I will be providing images that we will use for practice, information on the challenges of working with infrared images. You will also receive materials with step by step instructions and video tutorials.

Date: Saturday, May 15th
Place: Interactive Online Session
Time: 9 am -12 pm
Cost: $50 (No refunds, if there is a waitlist you may select an alternate to go in your place)
Maximum 25 participants. 

For more information, contact Silvana Della Camera at




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