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Gear List

Folks often ask me what gear I use. Here's a list of gear I depend on and recommend. Photography gear is ultimately about what works best for you.

I have been a Nikon shooter since 1989. What I love about this brand is that all my Nikon lenses from my film camera, the N6006, work with my latest Nikon cameras. I have purchased used Nikon lenses through the years. I have 35 & 40-year-old lenses that work perfectly with all my cameras. It is one of many reasons I depend on this brand. Glass is expensive. Nothing is more aggravating than upgrading the camera body and discovering your old lenses no longer work. 

The Camera - Click on the image to learn more about it.
The Lenses - Click on the image to learn more about it.

Glass. I confess I love lenses. I have a variety of glass in my kit. I have prime lenses and a variety of telephoto lenses. All of them serve a purpose and/or specific application. Most of them are auto-focus. Some are fully manual, specifically the 3-rd party brands that I don't have to be concerned about when I upgrade the camera body. The ones listed are the ones I use regularly.

The Tripod

A must have for any photographer. My first tripod was a Bogen 3036. A beast of a tripod, rock solid and heavy, I used it for my camera and telescope. I still have this tripod but only use it for astronomy as it's too heavy to lug around on the field. I mostly use carbon-fiber Induro and Benro tripods (Benro now owns Induro). These handle everything I throw at them - landscape, macro, astrolandscape, time-lapse, and everything in-between. Super solid and lightweight.

There are other gadgets I use in conjunction to the main list here. Filters, external power supplies, and much more can be found on my blog.

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