Essentials of Time-lapse Photography Workshop


Do you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera? You have a tool in hand that can create stunning high definition time-lapse videos.


Why you should shoot a time-lapse?

  • Digital photography has made time-lapse obtainable.

  • Time-lapse adds a new dimension to your photography.

  • Time-lapse allows us to visualize time passing. It compresses time.

  • Time-lapse allows us to see changes in our world we cannot naturally see.

  • Time-lapse speeds up something that appears to be moving slowly.

    • Milky Way crossing the sky as the Earth rotates

    • Shadows moving as the day progresses

    • Clouds forming and dissolving

  • Time-lapse imparts a 3-D effect.


This Instructor Lead course will walk through the entire time-lapse capture process, starting from Camera settings, Lens considerations, White balance considerations, Exposure, and finally, Processing. In addition to the time-lapse photography basics, we will discuss frame-rates, flicker, use of ND filters, sliders and post-processing methods of adding additional motion to your time-lapse. We will also discuss how to add post production value to your time-lapse to create a polished finished video.

The 3-hour course will cover these topics in depth. Students will gain a solid grounding time-lapse photography and best practices essential for success.



Students who complete this class will be able to capture and process a time-lapse video.


New and moderately experienced photographers will benefit from this course.


Registrants will have access to the recorded Zoom class for three months.

Date: May 22nd

Place: Online - Instructor-Led
Time: 9 am - 12:00 pm
Cost: $50 (No refunds)
Maximum 25 participants.

For more information, contact Silvana Della Camera at