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Photography Coaching - Private Session




6 Hours

About the Course

We have all heard about the rules of thirds in photography. Yes, this rule helps us compose an interesting and pleasing photograph, however it is a rule to learn but then break. Every photographer has a vision and this is something that is developed and sharpened with practice. Learn how to create a photograph that is compelling & captivates the viewer. Develop your creative power with photography (no pun intended!).

This class is for anyone who wants to take a better photograph. The class is tailored to the student's requirements. A portfolio review is included, if the student would like feedback on a body of work.​

If any of the following strikes a chord, this workshop is for you.

  • You've had your camera for a while and want to take better pictures.

  • You have a DSLR, mirrorless camera or bridge camera & you have no idea how to use it.

  • You are bypassing using your camera because you just don’t see the difference between shots from your expensive camera and your smartphone.

  • You want to improve the outcome of your competition images.

You own a visual powerhouse. Learn how to develop your vision and use your camera to capture it.

This is an essential class for anyone wanting to take a photograph that is more than just a snapshot.

Examples of what we can cover:

  • Framing (aka composition)

  • Exposure

  • Thinking creatively

  • Image critiquing

  • Use of lenses

  • Use of depth of field

  • Understanding the histogram

  • Techniques

  • Learn to understand how your viewer sees your image.

  • Discuss software options for processing your images.

When & Where

Date: Scheduled with Client Place: Zoom Online or in person within 60 mile radius of Boston, MA.

Cost: $325 (No refunds)**

To schedule, please contact me.

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