Photo Walk - Infrared at Night at the Stony Brook Audubon




3 hours

About the Course

Infrared at Night Photo Walk at the Stony Brook Audubon. Known for its extensive boardwalk system that goes through forest, fields, and wetlands, Stony Brook offers up-close views of wildlife above and under the water. Located adjacent to the 140-acre Bristol Blake State Reservation and cooperatively managed with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), this former 18th-century mill site now supports native wildlife.


Date & Time: Tuesday, June 21 @ 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm.

Let's explore the beautiful sanctuary at night. It is a class 5 Bortle area which means the Milky Way is not visible to the naked eye or normal camera. However, this hurdle is easily overcome by infrared cameras.

Class size: 8 attendees

What to Bring: Infrared converted camera (any wavelength), tripod, Lenses - wide-angle, fast lenses. f/2.8 or better. Bring as much gear as you are willing to carry. This event requires a converted camera. A normal camera with an infrared filter isn't suitable. Don't have an infrared camera but are interested in trying infrared out before converting a camera? Not a problem. Infrared camera rental is available (see registration options below).

All skill levels are welcome.

If you are sick or feeling unwell (please stay home), I will gladly give you a credit for a future class.

Weather-dependent event. If rain is forecasted or there is total cloud cover, the photo walk will be rescheduled.

No Refunds


  • Make sure to dress in layers and wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Lenses - Fast wide-angle lenses are recommended. f/2.8 or better.

  • Note for full-spectrum infrared cameras - bring whichever filters you own.

  • Tripod and a shutter release.

  • Flashlight to help you navigate safely on the path.

  • Small red flashlight to help set your camera. Red flashlights conserve your night vision (critical for night photography).

  • Bring snacks and water.

  • Bring fully charged camera batteries and memory cards.

  • Face masks are not required but I ask that you maintain social distance whenever possible.

  • If you are registered for the walk, I will send out specific details to you a few days prior to the event.