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Nikon Shooters - Tips and Tricks, Private Session




3 hours

About the Course

Specifically geared toward Nikon cameras, I created this workshop after seeing people on workshops and photo walks getting frustrated with their cameras and/or not realizing what their cameras could actually do.

The frustration isn’t limited to Nikon cameras, I see this across all the camera makes. As a long-time Nikon shooter, I can help with Nikon cameras as I've been holding a Nikon since 1989, starting with my N6006 film camera which I still have today.


Learn the features of your new mirrorless camera, or learn what you have been missing from the DSLR camera you have used for years, and improve your experience with your camera. Your camera is a powerhouse yet most photographers either don't know what their camera can do or how to use the features they possess.


"I get better pictures from my phone". This is the most common lament I hear from folks. Most likely you have a setting not correctly set. Learn what the various menu options do and how they affect your images. The beauty of Nikon cameras is their menu system. Upgrading from an old DSLR to the latest mirrorless is not overwhelming if you are well-versed in your current camera's menus. From model to model, they are consistent though the features may greatly differ.


Come join me for 3 hours of features overview, best practices, and questions and answers. It doesn't matter which Nikon camera you own, a DSLR or the newest mirrorless, full frame, or crop sensor, you will learn about the wonderful gadget in your possession.

This private session is tailored to your camera, your questions, and your photography goals.




The Basics


  • Metering aka how the camera sees the light

  • Matrix

  • Center-weighted

  • Spot

  • Highlight-weighted

  • Bracketing

  • Focus Modes

  • Camera Profiles

  • White Balance

  • RAW vs Jpeg

  • In-Camera Edits

  • The Modes, the Differences, and How to Pick One

  • Shutter Priority

  • Aperture Priority

  • Manual Priority

  • Program Mode


The Menus

  • Playback Menu

  • Photo Shooting Menu

  • Movie Shooting Menu

  • Custom Settings Menu

  • Setup Menu

  • Retouch Menu

  • My Menu

Fine Tuning It

  • The beauty of breaking out of Auto mode.

  • We will discuss why your images aren't turning out as expected.

  • The importance of keeping your firmware updated and the steps on how to do it.

  • Why the factory settings aren't what you want to use.

  • Enable features that will enhance your photography.


This workshop is for all levels of photographers.


Class size: 1 participant. Please contact me to schedule or for any questions.

Date: Scheduled with Client upon registration.



All skill levels are welcome.

This is an online workshop via Zoom that will be recorded and will be available to the registered attendee.

No Refunds

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