Essentials of PlanIt! - the All-in-One Planning for Landscape Photographers




4 hours

About the Course

PlanIt! is my favorite photography planning app. In my opinion, it is the best app bar none for planning Milky Way, Sunrises and Sunsets, Moonrises and Moonsets, and so much more. You might be using this app already but may not be utilizing its full capacity, or you have it on your mobile device and don't know what to do with it. If you are a landscape or astrolandscape photographer and have never heard of this app, you are missing out on an amazing tool that takes the guesswork out of planning a shot. This app is loaded full of photography and planning tools. Tap into the power of this fantastic app. A must-have for any landscape or astrolandscape photographer.

Do you know how to determine the location of the Moon or Sun as it rises over a lighthouse or specific building? Do you know when the Milky Way will be visible and where it will be relative to your location? Do you know how cloud cover will impact your photograph? This app allows you to plan and previsualize these kinds of shots and much more. PlanIt! is an all-in-one planning app for landscape photographers.

As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. This applies to photography as well.

The 'Pro' version of PlanIt! Pro is recommended to fully follow along, it costs $9.99. You may choose to install the free version but it will not have all features enabled which will be covered in this workshop. A 3D Model subscription is recommended as well.

PlanIt! and PlanIt! Pro are available on Android and IOS devices.

Date & Time:

January 14th, 2023 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Class size: 20 attendees, via Zoom

All skill levels are welcome.

This is an online workshop via Zoom that will be recorded. The recording and workshop materials will be available to all registered attendees.

No Refunds


  • Learn why PlanIt! is so powerful for photographers.

  • Learn about the features of the app.

  • Learn how to navigate the app.

  • Learn how to create a plan.

  • Learn how to create plan tasks.

  • Learn how clouds will impact your plan.

  • Learn about azimuth and what it means to your plan.

  • Learn about the angles of the Moon or Milky Way with respect to your camera.

  • Learn about planning star trails at a specific location.

  • Learn how to use the app to visualize the location of celestial bodies at specific times.

  • Learn how to determine the best focal length to use on the scene.

  • Learn how you can enable more features.

  • Learn how to save and share plans and much more!